BUKUL on the go!  This is a revolutionary product that organizes your hand by combining and holding objects and gadgets for the on-the-go professional.

I started a new job and like many of us, found myself spending the day moving from meeting-to-meeting. Hardly at my desk and on the move, I always had a few staple supplies; my phone, moleskine®, pen and a coffee. On days I added my laptop to the mix it added an entirely new balancing act that even the best of us would struggle with.

Dropping multiple items in transit, many times spilling HOT coffee on myself, all while trying to keep my balance act up was becoming comical. There weren't enough pieces to warrant carrying a bag around the office, but something had to be done.

So, the BUKUL was born. Made with sustainable bamboo and materials sourced locally.

We hope you enjoy your BUKUL and please send us pictures of your things BUKUL’d up!